Year 4 Snap Theatre: ‘A Victorian London’

Rapturous applause, whoops and hollers of delight fell about the hall at the culmination of year 4’s astounding SNAP theatre performance of ‘A Victorian London’ on Thursday 24th May 2018. Esteemed maestro, ‘Andy’ had orchestrated the audacious ensemble in merely six days, spread across the first summer half term. Professional actor, Meghan, and dancer, Catie, also lent their expertise to the production. The dazzlingly bright shining stars of the show were, of course, each and every one of the children. Aged but 8 or 9 apiece, the plucky rascals defied their erstwhile limitations to present their VIP audience with a heart-wrenching tale of woe and resilience, that took their character, ‘Margaret’, back in time to the Woolwich workhouse, over the picnicking hillocks of Greenwich Park, through the rigours of two courthouses, a grandiose mansion and a villain’s squalid den, to ultimately face an actual tidal wave aboard a convict ship bound for Australia! It was a tale of the ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’, of injustice and suffering, of resilience and hope and of the mysteries of time and fate. Viva Margaret Greenwood.