Year 4 Road Safety Workshops

On Tuesday 16th January 2018, Year 4 were visited by TFL who presented a road safety workshop where the children dressed up and took part in road side scenarios. The children really enjoyed the workshop and learnt lots of important information about using pelican crossings safely and how to wear their seat belt correctly when travelling in the car.
Year 4 also learnt about the Junior Travel Ambassador (JTA) scheme that we starting Heronsgate. Becoming a JTA will involved taking part in road safety surveys, highlighting issues that we may have at Heronsgate, across both campuses and encouraging safe and active travel across all year groups of the school.

To apply for the role, the children are going to write an application form using their persuasive writing to explain why they would like to become a JTA and why they will be the best candidate for the role. They will then be shortlisted and have an interview with the ‘School Travel Plan Champions’ Miss Dalton and Mr Field.

We are looking forward to working towards a Gold award for the TFL stars scheme.