Year 3 Week 1 23/3/20

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Friday 27th March – Day 5


At a later date, we will be writing a letter back in time to UG to let him know about all of the changes that have happened. Today we will come up with some sentences to compare the Stone Age problems UG faced with the solutions we have found in modern times.

Comparative words:

  • but
  • however
  • so
  • instead of
  • rather than

Good sentence openers:

  • In the Stone Age, …
  • Nowadays, …
  • In 2019, …
  • In the 21st Century, …

Example sentence:
In the Stone Age, you used heavy, cold and hard blankets but now we use materials which are light, warm and soft.

Write three comparative sentences. Use the “Then and Now” table from yesterday to help you. Have a look at these pictures below to help you create your sentences. What can you see Ug using? What do we have now that is better?

You can write your sentences using a comment in Showbie or on paper.


Complete the fractional triangles investigation on the maths sheet. You could use the sheets below or use this interactive link:


Computing focus: Explore some of the existing projects on SCRATCH

Leave a voice note on Showbie of any recommendations for classmates.

Thursday 26th March – Day 4


Please complete the fractions worksheet below. If you log into Showbie, you will be able to use the annotation tools directly on it. You will be identifying, matching and colouring fractions.


Read ‘Ug’ up to page 19.

Consider the problems UG has in the book and these key questions:

  1. Why do you think UG wants to change the ball?
  2. What gave you the impression that he was not happy with his trousers?
  3. What words did UG use to make you think that?
  4. What else did UG want to change?
  5. Have these things changed now in 2020?

You can write down your answers on paper or log into Showbie to post them there.

Once you’ve done that, open the ‘Then and Now’ table below. Complete it with each thing UG wanted to change in the ‘Then’ column. In the ‘Now’ column, write if and how each thing has changed. The first row has been done for you.


Science focus: Read about these unusual plants and plant behaviour.

Design your own strange plant as a labeled diagram. Include some of the features of the plants you have read about.

Days 1-3


Please log into Mathletics and complete the activities given to you by your teacher.


Read a book and write a book review about it.

Remember to include:

  • the title of the book
  • the author
  • a brief description of what the book is about
  • who the main characters are
  • your favourite part and why

If you have a printer or want to do this on a computer, you could use the template below.


Imagine you are a fashion designer during the Stone Age. Design a piece of Stone Age clothing. Remember Stone Age clothing was made using animal skin.

Now create a poster to advertise your clothing.

Use the following features on your poster:

  • What is the name of the item of clothing?
  • How much does it cost?
  • What is it made of?
  • Write some descriptive sentences to make it sound appealing, e.g. This jacket has a soft fur lining inside so that you will feel warm on even the coldest days of winter.
  • Include a rhetorical question, e.g. Wouldn’t you love…? Don’t you want…?