Year 2 Week 1 23/3/20

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Friday 27th March – Day 5


Complete the fluency and place value learning. You can answer some questions by using the annotation tools in Showbie and for the rest you will need to write in your exercise book.

Please also complete your Mathletics tasks (

In addition, there are the answers below to the maths questions for yesterday for you to check your answers.


Today you need to write a poem about the season of Spring. Read again the poem below that you looked at yesterday and then the picture you drew and labelled. What adjectives did you use? Could you think of any similes?

Use these ideas to write you own poem. You can either do in in your exercise book or type it as a comment in Showbie.


Art focus: Following on from yesterday’s Art task we would like you to create a fact file all about Andy Goldsworthy. 

Re-watch the video from yesterday to help you find some interesting information to include. You could write notes in your book or leave comments above on Showbie.

Don’t forget to include features of a fact file:

  • Title
  • Subheadings
  • Picture/drawing of your sculpture
  • Captions – for your image/drawing of your sculpture
  • Appropriate punctuation

You could use the Showbie annotation tools on the template below or write your fact file up in the exercise book we gave you.

Thursday 26th March – Day 4


Complete the worksheet below, which looks at fluency and place value. If you log into Showbie, you can use the annotation tools there to complete the activity.


Read the poem below about the season of Spring. Think about how it makes you feel. What might you see, hear or smell? Then draw a picture of the image it creates in your mind. You can label the picture with adjectives (describing words). Can you think of any similes?


Art focus: In art we have begun to explore the works of Andy Goldsworthy the famous sculptor. Your task is to create your own sculpture inspired by Andy Goldsworthy.

Watch the video about Andy Goldsworthy’s art in the natural environment.

Create your own Andy Goldsworthy sculpture using everyday items found around the house or garden. Write a list of all the items/objects you used and a short reflection. What do you like about it? How could you improve or develop it?

Days 1-3

We would like you to read daily and complete Mathletics activities. In addition to this we have set you a project to complete which is linked to our topic this half term: Into the Woods.

Project details

  1. Design and make a woodland creature (you may draw it if you are unable to make one)
  2. Write a fact file about your woodland creature. Include its name, physical appearance, habitat and diet
  3. Write a story with your woodland creature as a main character. Make sure your story has a clear beginning (introduce characters), middle (a problem that occurs) and an end (how the problem is solved). Include expanded noun phrases and a range of conjunctions and exciting punctuation in your story.

On your return to school, please bring in your woodland creature and story to share with the class.