Year 1 Week 2 30/3/20

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Friday 3rd April – Day 10


Write a postcard to a friend describing your day at the beach. Include how you felt about each activity. Make your own postcard or print out the one provided and take photos or use the drawing tool on Showbie.


This game is about counting up to 100. You need the board (below), an ordinary dice and a pair of matching counters for each player.

How to play the game:

  1. To start, put both your counters on ‘0’ – which is the snail’s eye!
  2. The first player throws the dice and moves one of the counters that number along the snail’s body. Take turns at throwing the dice.
  3. After you get to ‘9’, the first counter goes back to ‘0’ and the second counter goes onto ‘1 ten’.
  4. Go on moving the first counter along the snail’s body and moving the second counter to the next ‘ten’ every time you get to the end and go from 9 to 0.
  5. The winner is the first to reach 100.

If you are not able to print or play on the snail image, you can draw the numbers out like the image below.

If you don’t have a dice, visit to use one online.

DT focus: Create final sliding toy. You will need a pencil, a ruler and scissors

  1. Decide how long you want your slider to be. Draw two dots to show where it begins and ends.
  2. Draw a line to join the dots, using a ruler or a straight edge.
  3. Fold along the dots.
  4. Cut a small slit from one dot to the next. Do not cut from edge to edge, as your background will fall apart.
  5. Insert the moving part and move it around.

Thursday 2nd April – Day 9


Imagine you’re having a day at the beach.

  • What would you do?
  • What would you see and hear?
  • How would you feel? – What would you eat? What would it smell and taste like? Use your description from yesterday to help you.

Now go and tell someone about your day at the beach. If you want, you can leave it as a voice note on Showbie.


Word problems: Solve addition and subtraction word problems involving numbers to 40. Use drawings, part, part, whole diagrams or bar models to find the answer.

You can do this on paper or use the drawing tools on Showbie on the sheet provided.

Below are also the answers from yesterday.


DT focus: You are doing the first bit of your slider toy. What is the background going to be? What is your moving part going to be? You will need paper and colouring pencils/pens/paint.

  • Draw a background for your toy.
  • Paint or colour it in.
  • On a separate piece of paper make and colour your moving part and cut it out
  • Attach your moving part to a lolly stick or long piece of card.
  • Cut a slit into the middle of your background
  • Insert the moving part and move it around

Wednesday 1st April – Day 8


Write a description of the beach. Include what you would see, hear, smell and taste and feel. Have a look at the example to help you. You can write it using paper and pencils and upload a photo or you can use the drawing tool to write on the sheet on Showbie. 


Complete the number bonds sheet. The bottom bar adds up to 20. You are looking for the missing part – do you add or subtract?

The bars are proportionally sized; the smaller the bar the smaller the number (value). Then create your own bar models that will add up to 20.

You can draw the bar models on paper and take a photo or you can complete it with the drawing or text tool on Showbie.


Warm up: jog on the sport for 60 seconds, high knees on the spot for 60 seconds.

Stretch up to the sky, touch your toes hold for 10 seconds. 

Follow the video and dance along! 

Tuesday 31st March – Day 7


Read the story ‘In The Sun’ again today. Read the questions below with your child and look through the book together to find the answers.

Discuss the answers, you don’t need to write them down.


Start by checking your answers from yesterday.

Complete the next number bond worksheet.

You can fill in the sheet using the drawing tool on showbie or you can write the answers on a piece of paper.

SCIENCE Watch the video clip below to research what changes happen in nature during Spring.

Create a poster about Spring on the template provided or draw on a piece of paper.

Monday 30th March – Day 6


Before reading the story, discuss with your child what people like to do at the seaside and what food they like to eat when they are there.

Then read the story below called: ‘In the Sun’ and discuss what your child notices about the book.

Ask them to draw a picture of their favourite part and write a sentence about what they enjoyed. You can do this on the template provided using the tools on Showbie or just on a piece of paper.

Below are also the answers from the reading activity last Friday that you can use to check your work.


Complete the number bond worksheet below. You can fill in the sheet using the drawing tool on Showbie or you can write the answers on a piece of paper.


Design Technology focus: Draw a background for your sliding toy which will look something like the image below.

Please draw it on a piece of paper using pens/pencils or paints if you have them at home.

Decide which part will move. The lightning bolt will be the moving part on this picture which you will complete tomorrow.

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