Oral Health Week

We had lots of fun during Oral Health week, Monday 5th March to Friday 9th March 2018. The children brought their toothbrushes into school and each day took part in a ‘2 minute challenge’ to brush their teeth in class using a timer.
During their PSHE lessons, the children took part in a range of practical activities, making posters and adverts whilst learning about oral hygiene and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
The children at our Royal Arsenal Campus were visited by a dentist and a dental nurse from Gallions Reach Dental Practice, and took part in a fun assembly where they learnt about what foods are good and bad for our teeth and how to brush our teeth effectively. At Thameasmead the children were lucky to have a parent dental nurse who presented the children with a fun and interactive assembly, where they got use disclosure tablets which turned their teeth blue to highlight how sometimes even after brushing for 2 minutes, we can miss some of our teeth!
Thank you to all our parents at home who encouraged the children to brush their teeth twice a day and fill out their teeth brushing chart! Let’s all continue to encourage our children to eat well and maintain a healthy life style by visiting the dentist regularly.
If you or your family need any support with oral health or registering with a local dentist, please let us know so our healthy schools team can support you.