Maths & Money Week: Parents’ Workshop

As part of Maths & Money week, we invited parents to attend a “Helping Your Child to Learn About Money” workshop on Monday. Our aims during the session were to help parents know why financial capability is important for children, give ideas about how to support children’s learning about money at home and increase parent’s confidence in discussing financial matters with their children.

The workshop was well attended and was an open and relaxed session.

Here are some comments from parents:

“The programme really improved my knowledge of how we can help our children.”

“I am feeling very confident now. Had a bit of difficulty teaching this topic at home but this has helped a great deal.”

“As a result of the session, I will help my child set up a savings plan, talk about internet security when shopping on line and start giving pocket money in exchange for chores.”

“The most useful part of the session was understanding how and why young adults get into debt, and what I can do to educate my child against this happening.”