IT & Computing

Information Technology and Computing Vision

“…the computer is the most remarkable tool that we have ever come up with.  It’s the equivalent of a bicycle for our minds.” (Steve Jobs)

In a rapidly changing world where technology plays an increasing role in our everyday lives and primary-aged children arrive at school never knowing a world without the Internet or iPads, our aim is to help children be resilient learners who can creatively and safely use technology to broaden their horizons.

At Heronsgate, our vision is to:

  • Provide staff and children with sufficient, high quality and up-to- date IT resources for teaching and learning
  • Use technology as a tool for learning, transforming what is possible in the classroom
  • Teach children how to keep themselves safe whilst using the powerful but potentially dangerous Internet
  • Equip children to be makers with digital technology rather than just consumers, through a challenging and forward-thinking Computing curriculum
  • Deepen children’s learning and raise attainment across the curriculum through using technology as a creative tool
  • Develop staff confidence, pedagogy and subject knowledge so they can become leaders of technology in the classroom
  • Engage with parents and the wider community so they feel empowered to support and keep their children safe online

ICT MARK ACCREDITED Badge (2)We were re-awarded the ICT Mark for the second time in February 2015.  You can read the full report here.


IPad Toolkit

We believe that technology can help with learning by making it:

  • Experiential – learning by doing helps children remember and understand. Using iPad gives children really memorable learning experiences.
  • Collaborative – creating something new helps children apply their learning. Using iPad makes it easy to work together on projects.
  • Reflective – evaluating and analysing helps children develop their thinking. Using iPad gives children tools for reflecting on their learning.

Below is a graphic and a video to explain further our approach.

Parent E-Safety Resources

Follow this link to the London Grid for Learning for a range of resources for parents on how to keep children safe online.

Apps we use

Here are a range of apps that we make use of on iPad at Heronsgate: