Healthy Eating at Heronsgate

Last month, Year 3 children had the chance to take part in a Healthy Eating Cookery assembly and workshops with chef Jethro Carr from the Kitchen Academy.

Children learnt all about healthy eating in a special assembly and then made their Vegetable Quesadillas afterwards with guidance from the chef.

All had a wonderful day experimenting with different ingredients and learning kitchen skills.

Damisola in Class 13 said: “What I really liked was making our quesadilla because we made it ourselves and we learnt how to cut. The cheese was melted which made the other ingredients stick on to it.”

Anthony (Class) 3RA said “I liked making quesadillas and they tasted amazing. I enjoyed watching the bike-powered blender.”

Some parents also attended and said: “It was very informative and helped children and mums to learn about food and methods of cooking…many thanks to the chef!”