Fuel Your Passion: a visit from a Paralympian

On the 4th November, Key Stage 2 had an amazing assembly with the paralympian Andy Barrow! He said that we should eat healthily because our body is our temple. He also explained his story about how he became a paralympian.  He is an inspiration to all of us. Luckily 10 children from each Year 5 group had been selected to have a fun P.E course over breaktime (to not miss lessons of course)!

In the hall we all met Andy Barrow (again) and started to warm up by playing a fun game to practice communicating. After that we started our activity where we had to pass the ball and try to get it to the goalie.  It was a very fun game. The last thing that we did was to ask questions.  One child asked ‘are energy drinks addictive?’ Andy replied ‘not necessarily, but they do have a lot of chemicals in them, so you shouldn’t have them too much.’ Good advice!

By Anique and Tenzin (Year 5 Heronsgate Roving Reporters)