EYFS Road Safety Workshops

Nursery and Reception have been taking part in road safety workshops where they have learnt how to be safe when walking and crossing the road. They had lots of fun wearing costumes and props to role play crossing safely at a zebra crossing. The children really enjoyed learning and talking about the bright jacket that the lolly pop lady/man wears and how it is reflective at night so cars can always see them at the crossings. The children now know that they should always hold hands with an adult when crossing the road and are excited to spread the word with their friends and family to keep everyone safe while out on the roads.

We have noticed some road safety issues outside Heronsgate Primary School regarding parents and carers who have been parking outside the school gate on double yellow lines when dropping their children to school. Some children are also being let our of cars into the middle of the road. Please remember to always park and let your children out on the curb side of the road and not into the middle, as this is not safe practice. We want to keep our children safe especially out on the roads, so we have been taking part in some road safety workshops.