What others say about us

Visitor from Downderry Primary School, September 2019
Thank you so much for showing me and the others around your lovely school. We came back with lots of enthusiasm and excitement.

Parents attending Reception Stay and Play, November 2017
I am really happy to see my child have so much fun in the activities at the school and hope to see more of this more often.
You are doing very well.  Thanks for your support to the children.
Play area is child friendly and teachers are awesome.

Attendees at Maths and English parent workshops, November/December 2017
This session has proven to be useful in my understanding to see how maths is being taught at school and the different strategies being used.
I can see the teachers put a great deal of strategies to help children learn and engage with reading.
Session was really informative and has given me lots of confidence in teaching my child to read.
Lovely training.  Got to know more about what my daughter learns at school and really appreciate it. Thanks!

Teachers attending cluster writing moderation, November 2017
We were made to feel welcome and valued.
Thank you…great to have a chance to talk to primary colleagues.
Great handouts and well organised resources to help with the moderating.
Displays around the school are lovely.

Musicians visiting the school on Heronsgate Day, June 2017
Thank you for having us, we really enjoyed ourselves! The children at your school are so sweet – and we were both hugely impressed with their behaviour. They were great at listening and full of enthusiasm to take part in the activities and ask questions. It is so nice to visit a school like yours, where the kids are so receptive, polite and seem happy.
We were also made very welcome by the staff – thanks for this, we really enjoy doing this kind of work and it’s made so much nicer when we are made so welcome.

Anne Massey, SEN consultant and author of ‘Provision Mapping – improving outcomes in primary schools’, March 2017
There are exciting and innovative approaches to learning embedded in the delivery of the curriculum and teaching was observed to be highly effective. An atmosphere of drive and ambition and culture of high expectation permeates this school. The quality of the learning environment is exceptional, teaching is strong and pupils benefit from a wide range of additional opportunities to learn outside the classroom.

School Counsellor, December 2016
It has been a great pleasure to work at Heronsgate Primary School.  I have found the staff to be a wonderfully friendly and supportive team of professionals who clearly have the best interests of the children in mind.  The children who attend the school are well cared for and there is an overarching sense of inclusion and positivity from within which learning and growth can be nurtured.

Attendees at Parent Phonic Workshop, December 2016
The workshop was very helpful and informative.  It helped me clear a few doubts regarding the phonics and the technical terms and phases.  I would love to join more of such workshops in other subjects like maths or science.
The course materials were so detailed and the trainer’s presentation was brilliant…I will start sounding out the words to my children without letters.
I learned some new techniques and how to read and explain the sounds to my child.  Thank you for this effort- this is really going to help me.

Parents at EYFS Stay and Learn morning, November 2016
The teacher was so lovely with the children and the way she explained things to them was so good. I’m so pleased she is my child’s teacher. Thank you! It was lovely as well to see the Teaching Assistant sits on the carpet with them, and helps the children if they need it. I’m so grateful my child has two lovely teachers!
It was very useful. It helped me to see where I need to support my son. And it was nice to be part of my son’s routine. Thank you!

Governor visit, October 2016
I arrived at the School before the gates were opened to admit pupils and parents and there were many parents and pupils waiting outside. I then stood in the playground with Senior Staff as the parents and pupils entered. This they did in an orderly fashion and it was evident that the pupils were happy to come to school. I observed many pleasant interactions between the staff and pupils, and between parents and staff…It was evident from this observation that the School is a happy place to which the children enjoy coming, and to which the parents are happy to send their children; a place where relationships between pupils, parents and staff are very good.

Parent of Year 2 child:
We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the teachers & the SLT for your encouragement and support throughout…It just shows your hard work and dedication that you put into shaping the future of all the children. Wishing you all the best and keep inspiring young minds and nurturing them to become responsible citizens. We are very glad that our son is a part of Heronsgate Primary School.

Parent of Year 6 child:
Our daughter is making fantastic progress in her Maths. We are so grateful for the extra quality support she is receiving from you. I was actually shocked to see her progress in just a few weeks! She really enjoys your teaching style and gets excited when she does maths now 🙂
I can’t thank you enough!
Kind regards from a very very happy parent 🙂

Governor Visit, April 2016:
This was a fantastic visit and really gave me a better feel and understanding of the workings of the school, some of the challenges it faces and see in practice some of the great initiatives students get to benefit from (the theatre actors were particularly interactive and engrossing).

Parent of Year 3 child:
My son has informed me that he has enjoyed his lessons this year and likes his teacher because she is patient and encourages him. He is comfortable in his class, likes his friends and finds learning a delight and not a ‘chore’ or ‘task’. I have noted that he has grown more confident and assertive this year.  Thank you very much for being a positive influence and encouraging class teacher and delightful school. He has enjoyed all aspects of his learning and activities this year.

Parent of Year 2 child:
A big thank you to all the staff in Heronsgate. My daughter has done really well and I am pleased with her school report. She has always been enthusiastic to attend school and this is due to the fact her teachers have given 100% in her time at Heronsgate.

Parent of Year 5 child: 
Thank you for your hard work with our daughter, she made a lot of progress and we really appreciated your kind words towards him.

Parent of Reception child: 
We found that our son has been really engaged with learning especially writing.  In the last month he has started to speak constantly in English, asking for things and trying to explain….we would like to thank Miss Graham and Miss Farjad for their positive attitude and constant help and patience towards him.

School Direct Salaried Student, 2015-2016
I thoroughly enjoyed my time as a Salaried Student at Heronsgate. It was a fantastic place to complete my teacher training.
The teaching staff are extremely friendly as well as being brilliant teachers to learn from. The support I received at Heronsgate was incredible; the School Direct Link and Class Teachers did everything they could to support me as a trainee teacher. Throughout my training I was given a good amount of responsibility to help me prepare for my year as an NQT. For me, it was the best route into teaching as I was able to spend most of my time in the classroom; learning on the job and gaining invaluable experience.