Heronsgate Extra

Heronsgate Extra is a new station led by the children in Year 5 and 6. We will be releasing a new podcast every other Friday for children to listen to during their golden time. We are celebrating work across the school, as well as bringing everyone interviews and news from both sites.

Episode 7
This episode is a bumper edition showing off all the fantastic things that happen around the school. Children share learning from STEM day where they took part in activities in Maths, Science and D.T. We also hear from children and teachers on book day as they share the costumes they dressed up in and the books that they love!
Episode 6
In this podcast we celebrate Chinese New year and speak to our newly appointed language ambassadors about their role in the school. There’s also a fantastic marvel quiz!
Episode 5
Heronsgate’s new year started with a bang as Year 5 and 6 headed to the O2 to participate in the Young Voices Choir of 2019. If you missed this amazing performance we have a listen to a class rehearsing and talk to some children about how they felt about going. We also had an amazing French Day where everyone across the school participated in French activities and even visited a French cafe!
Episode 4
This episode is our holiday special, where we speak to Mr Davies about the winter production, Sarah brings you a Christmas themed quiz, Year 1 tell us all about their trip to Woodlands farm and we visit Year 3 to find out what happened on their exciting America Day at the beginning of term.
Episode 3
In this instalment of Heronsgate Extra: we hear from the newly appointed arts ambassadors from across ks2, we visit reception and hear all about their police themed role play area as well as their exciting visit from a policeman, Year 5 tell us all about the chicks hatching their classroom and we interview the photographer from Tate Britain who took Year 3’s picture for a London-wide project!​
Episode 2
This episode was broadcast on Children in Need where Heronsgate Children dressed up in spotty clothes to show their support. Listen to an interview with Mrs. Ahmed, a sports quiz and interviews with our new Head Boy and Girl at Thamesmead!
Episode 1
Welcome to the first episode of Heronsgate Extra. This week you will hear an interview with Mr. Connors, a quiz all about Black History month and our reporters went to find out if children like the new vegan menu!