Heronsgate wins Benchball Competition!


On Monday 21st May 2018, children from Heronsgate took part in a KS1 inter-school benchball competition at Linton Mead Primary. Children from Heronsgate performed amazingly well, adapting to the new rules and working as a team to take 1st place! They had fun and were certainly happy with the result.

Junior Travel Ambassadors


Our recently appointment Junior Travel Ambassadors at both the Royal Arsenal and Thamesmead campus did a traffic survey on the roads outside school to highlight any road safety issues. They saw lots of safe road-crossing and families walking/scooting to school, but they also saw many cars pulling up on the yellow zig-zag lines making it unsafe for some children crossing the road.

Our Junior Travel Ambassadors will be working hard to encourage more families to walk to school and prevent unsafe congestion!

Please help us by parking in a safe place or walking to school.

Here’s some comments from our Junior Travel Ambassadors:

“I want people to do good hand-holding, watch traffic lights,
walk to school, scoot, cycle, take a car to a place near school walk the rest of the way, walk in groups and lastly, take the bus.” – J

“We want to encourage people if they live far then you can drive and park your car and walk the rest of the way to school.” – V

“I wanted to be a JTA because I want to change the way people in our school use transport in their daily lives. Some people are making pollution in our local area, which is causing people to have asthma and other sickness, and I want to stop that.” – J

“I want to be JTA because I want to make the environment better and I want to stop accidents and I want to help people while crossing the road!” – D

“It is very important to cross the road with care make sure you are safe, don’t just run across the road you can get hit by a car.” – E

Heronsgate Day 2018


On Thursday 3rd May we celebrated ‘Heronsgate Day.’ The theme was ‘Responsibility: Being Responsible for the Earth; Being Responsible for Ourselves.’ With this in mind, all classes found out about the problems for our environment that plastic is causing, especially in the oceans. We created ‘sea creatures’ out of plastic waste to help us remember this. In KS2, many classes also practised first aid including putting someone into the recovery position and how to contact emergency services. In KS1 and Reception, many classes learnt about personal safety online and when crossing the road. We also danced together and sang the school song.

Year 3 visits British Museum


Year 3 visited the British Museum on Tuesday 24th April 2018 as part our learning about Ancient Egypt. We saw mummified bodies, sand burials and learnt all about the mummification process. We were shocked to see how big some of the statues were, but they were beautiful to look at, especially as they were highly decorated in hieroglyphics. We look forward to continuing our learning back at school.

Spring Term Displays


At Heronsgate, we regularly update our corridor displays to reflect the breadth and depth of learning that happens in school. Please browse through the photos in the gallery below to get a taste of all that’s been going on this Spring term!

Year 4 visit British Museum

On Monday 19th March 2018, Year 4 went to find out about the Romans in Britain on their trip to look at artefacts at the British Museum. We particularly enjoyed looking at the Emperors’ heads on coins and searching for different representations of animals on jewellery and pottery. The gladiator helmet was a real hit!