Oral Health Week


We had lots of fun during Oral Health week, Monday 5th March to Friday 9th March 2018. The children brought their toothbrushes into school and each day took part in a ‘2 minute challenge’ to brush their teeth in class using a timer.
During their PSHE lessons, the children took part in a range of practical activities, making posters and adverts whilst learning about oral hygiene and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
The children at our Royal Arsenal Campus were visited by a dentist and a dental nurse from Gallions Reach Dental Practice, and took part in a fun assembly where they learnt about what foods are good and bad for our teeth and how to brush our teeth effectively. At Thameasmead the children were lucky to have a parent dental nurse who presented the children with a fun and interactive assembly, where they got use disclosure tablets which turned their teeth blue to highlight how sometimes even after brushing for 2 minutes, we can miss some of our teeth!
Thank you to all our parents at home who encouraged the children to brush their teeth twice a day and fill out their teeth brushing chart! Let’s all continue to encourage our children to eat well and maintain a healthy life style by visiting the dentist regularly.
If you or your family need any support with oral health or registering with a local dentist, please let us know so our healthy schools team can support you.

Heronsgate welcomes visitors from Sweden

On Friday 26th January 2018, we welcomed 30 Swedish teachers and school leaders go come and see what we are doing with educational technology at Heronsgate Primary School. After a brief presentation about our journey with technology so far, educators were then given guided tours around the school and were able to see the different ways that children use iPads and other technology to help with their learning every day. Children were drawing characters from The Three Little Pigs on iPads in Nursery, exploring volcanoes in Reception using ‘The Earth’ app, developing their own maths problems in Year 1 with the ‘Number Pieces’ app, filming weather forecasts in Year 2, programming LEGO robots in Year 3, recording and then writing down reported speech in Year 4, publishing a newspaper report using ‘Pages’ in Year 5 and using annotation tools on iPad to edit and improve their work in Year 6. It was a fantastic time!

Year 4 Road Safety Workshops

On Tuesday 16th January 2018, Year 4 were visited by TFL who presented a road safety workshop where the children dressed up and took part in road side scenarios. The children really enjoyed the workshop and learnt lots of important information about using pelican crossings safely and how to wear their seat belt correctly when travelling in the car.
Year 4 also learnt about the Junior Travel Ambassador (JTA) scheme that we starting Heronsgate. Becoming a JTA will involved taking part in road safety surveys, highlighting issues that we may have at Heronsgate, across both campuses and encouraging safe and active travel across all year groups of the school.

To apply for the role, the children are going to write an application form using their persuasive writing to explain why they would like to become a JTA and why they will be the best candidate for the role. They will then be shortlisted and have an interview with the ‘School Travel Plan Champions’ Miss Dalton and Mr Field.

We are looking forward to working towards a Gold award for the TFL stars scheme.

EYFS Road Safety Workshops

Nursery and Reception have been taking part in road safety workshops where they have learnt how to be safe when walking and crossing the road. They had lots of fun wearing costumes and props to role play crossing safely at a zebra crossing. The children really enjoyed learning and talking about the bright jacket that the lolly pop lady/man wears and how it is reflective at night so cars can always see them at the crossings. The children now know that they should always hold hands with an adult when crossing the road and are excited to spread the word with their friends and family to keep everyone safe while out on the roads.

We have noticed some road safety issues outside Heronsgate Primary School regarding parents and carers who have been parking outside the school gate on double yellow lines when dropping their children to school. Some children are also being let our of cars into the middle of the road. Please remember to always park and let your children out on the curb side of the road and not into the middle, as this is not safe practice. We want to keep our children safe especially out on the roads, so we have been taking part in some road safety workshops.

Year 4 Arts Career Visit

On Monday 4th December 2017, Year 4 were learning about careers in the ‘Arts’. We were visited by an actor and a set designer. We also made some ‘claymation’ stop motion animation. We are now actively thinking about our future careers.

Choir Performs at Under1Roof

On Saturday 25th November, the Royal Arsenal Choir performed as part of the Under1Roof Christmas celebrations. Before the switch on of the Christmas Lights, the choir performed a selection of modern and traditional Christmas songs, which were well received by the audience. They celebrated their performance with a snow fight at the centre’s indoor snow show!